Why Choose Us?

This is what happens when you choose us.

Amazing Service

Regardless of the service you require, we guarantee  the highest quality of work possible along side the best customer service. Nothing is too much trouble because we want to help our clients in every way we can. You will never miss a deadline on our watch. Investing in a good bookkeeper will save you money at year end, free up your time without having to take on the responsibility of employing a new member of staff and ensure the financial health of your business, allowing it to grow and prosper.


We provide an incredible service AND we are amongst the cheapest bookkeepers around. You will be hard pressed to beat our prices and even harder pressed to match the quality of work for those prices.

Our Values 

  • We will plant a tree for your business when you join us
  • We will purchase a '4 Ocean' Bracelet every 6 months you are with us. Purchasing these bracelets funds the vital work in cleaning up the oceans
  • Every anniversary we have, we will buy you a present. This present will be personalised to you or your business and will benefit a charity of your choice.


Other Perks

  • You will always get 20% off your invoice in your birthday month as a 'Happy Birthday' from Blue Circle Bookkeeping
  • You can choose  a charity  to receive 5% of every invoice you pay.
  • If you refer a friend to get their services from Blue Circle Bookkeeping, you will receive 5% of every invoice they pay. 


With Blue Circle Bookkeeping you can pick and mix all the services you need and leave any services you don't. You can create your own package. There are no 'procedures' when it comes to how we provide the service you need. If there is something we could change about a service we provide to you, all you need to do is let us know what you think may be better and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.


With Blue Circle Bookkeeping there are no fixed term contracts. This means you can leave whenever you want. We don't think you will want to, but its probably comforting to know that you can.